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"James is a pleasure to work with bringing a dynamic personality to all he does along with real ability and business acumen. When you add to this his qualities of honesty and integrity then you have pretty much the perfect business partner. It is always great to work with James and his team when our companies undertake a joint initiative. I have no hesitation in recommending James to any business."

- Simon Carter, Sandhill Consultants (UK, Canada, USA)

"James can be depended on to deliver answers to often confused and unanswered questions, his obvious detailed understanding of the product and how that dovetailed into our business requirements cemented the working relationship that followed. His personality and easy manner toward difficult situations often provoked questions and debate which otherwise would not have been forthcoming with more rigid traditional ways of working."

- Kevin Blackmore, GE (UK & Holland)

"In my time at CA, I worked with James on numerous occasions. He is probably the most enthusiastic, easy to deal with individual I have ever worked with. He does what he says he will do, and to a level that can only be commended."

- Steve Pomroy, CA (UK)
TrilogyDM Project Manager Trilogy

Deployment Manager

Use Trilogy Deployment Manager to automate your software deployments throughout the Application Lifecycle. Organise your environments by "Logical" servers and map them to your "Physical" servers. Automatically deploy 'N-tier' applications and even apply database scripts with real time feedback.

Project Manager

Trinem's Project Manager tool allows users of CA's "CA SCM" product to easily share data between multiple CA SCM installations. Project Manager will allow entire exports to be taken from one installation and imported onto another disparate installation - you can even export from UNIX/Oracle and import to Windows/SQL Server. Exports can also be taken at the Project level; all data and history can then be shared between multiple installations for Disaster Recovery, Backups or Multi-Site development.


Trilogy is a client-server tool which facilitates easy integration between CA SCM and the rest of a client's IT infrastructure.
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Remote Transport Interface TrilogyQC TriFind

Remote Transport Interface

The Remote Transport Interface, or "RTI", is a Trinem built product. CA brands, sells and supports RTI as one of their own products; so now customers can get all of the innovation of a small company, delivered through the resources of a multi-billion dollar company. RTI will work with virtually any platform, allowing customers to settle on one product for their entire organisation, reducing their license exposure and Cost of Ownership.


Trilogy Test Director/Quality Centre Integration provides a bi-directional bridge between your SCM tool and your defect tracking system, providing live defect information to your developers and feeding back status changes and new defects to your testers.


TriFind is a free, open-source repository search tool which scans the Harvest database directly to locate versions which contain specified search strings.
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